8:08-8:15 amHomeroom
8:15-8:45 amSEL
8:45-9:30 amPeriod 1
9:30-10:15 amPeriod 2
10:15-10:25 amBreak
10:25-11:10 am
Period 3
11:10-11:55 amPeriod 4
11:55 -12:55 pmLunch
12:55-1:05 pmHomeroom
1:05-1:50 pmPeriod 5
1:50-2:35 pmPeriod 6
2:35-3:00 pmDismissal

Supervision Times Before & After School:

7:40 – 8:10 am

2:34 – 3:00 pm


All students are required to have an organizer. An agenda may be purchased at school at a cost of $5.00 or an electronic organizer is acceptable.


Some staff and students have severe allergies. Students must not wear or bring scented products and students must not bring any products containing nuts.


The Superintendency recognizes that student absenteeism is an important cause of poor student academic success and student dropouts.


Students are expected to maintain the same standard of behavior on the bus as is required at school. Students may only be transported on the bus to which they are assigned by the District Transportation Office. Students who leave the
school property are not eligible for their bus on that day. Transportation information may be obtained on the district website


• Obey the driver

• Respect others

• Remain seated

• Keep aisle clear

• Talk quietly


Students must:

1. Sit facing the tables

2. Cooperate with and follow request of

Cafeteria supervisors

3. Ensure that at the Five Minute Warning Bell:

a) Clean top of table and underneath

b) Wait to be dismissed

4. Ensure that when leaving:

a) Place garbage in appropriate cans

b) Return trays


We will be celebrating our vision of Respect, Pride and Success school wide in all grade levels at the following times:

1. The afternoon before Christmas break

2. The afternoon before March Break

3. The afternoon before Victoria Day

4. The last week before year end


30 minutes per day will be used for selected literacy and numeracy interventions or reading/responding. Wednesdays are open days for project work, homework, teacher support or enrichment.


• 3B’s: No clothing that expose the breasts, bum, or belly

• No hats, or hoods worn in school (permitted until students get to their locker when coming in and when leaving from their locker to go outside)

• No clothing with offensive, vulgar, sexual, racist language or drug images/symbols

• No pajama bottoms

• No see-through garments

Our dress code policy applies to all school/extra curricular activities and dances.

The professional staff has the authority to establish what is appropriate for a positive learning environment.

Consequences for dress code violation: Students will wear a t-shirt to cover up or they will phone home to acquire appropriate school attire.


Any student possessing or using drugs, alcohol or weapons at school or at school sponsored functions will be dealt with according to District Policy. This will involve notification of the parents, police, and possible suspension.


Gr. 6 – Pirates- 3rd Bus Door (S Door)

Gr. 6 – Blue Bulldogs- 2nd Bus Door (M Door) Gr. 7 – Pink Panthers- 1st Bus Door (R Door-by cafeteria)

Gr. 7 – Soaring Eagles- 2nd Bus Door (M Door)

Gr. 8 – Tigers- Across catwalk and 1st Bus Door (R Door-by cafeteria)

Gr. 8 – Pythons- 3rd Bus Door (S Door)


$15.00 – TAFA(Art, Tech, Music)

$15.00 – Lock for Gr 6 only (use for 3 yrs)

$5.00 – Optional School Agenda

Replacement cost for a lost lock is $5.00

Hardship is always taken into account and a payment plan can be arranged if desired.

Payment is available online at: or from the school website.

► Why Use School Cash Online?

Convenient Make secure payments 24/7 from the comfort of your home

Easy To Use Online shopping with various payment methods

Safe Your child won’t be carrying cash or checks to and from school

Saves Time Manage your school expenses and view payment history in one place


• Any food containing nuts

• Energy Drinks


The magazine campaign is the only fundraiser done to raise money for all student activities. The profit helps with all areas involving all things for students. It has included in the past such things as: o Subsidizing items needed
for all clubs available to all students (Ex. art, band, bridge, choir, drama, Leadership, Social Squad, etc.)

o Subsidizing sports teams offered to students (Ex. Cross-country, soccer, gymnastics, volleyball, basketball, wrestling, badminton, track & field)

o Subsidizing field trips, speakers, year end activities, etc. planned for students

o Funding the upkeep of our RMS school bus used for students (Ex. Maintenance, fuel, etc.)

o Funding outside activity items for students to use at lunch activity time (Ex. balls, frisbees, bags to hold the items, etc.)

o It helped with purchasing a school mini bus used for school events/activities that students participate in. o It helped with improving the outside areas of the school making it more appealing to all students (Ex. resting pods, cement
picnic tables, tetherball poles, basketball poles/nets, back gazebo, front entrance benches, front entrance lights, etc.)


• skateboards

• scooters

• laser pointers

• bicycles


Electronic Devices such as: Cell Phones, IPODS, hand held games:

• Permitted during non-instructional time and at the discretion of the teacher at any other time.

• They are the responsibility of the student.

Picture/Video Taking:

• Allowed at school special occasions only (year end activities, field trips)

• Parents/Guardians will be advised in a trip permission form

Lost items are not replaced by the school. They are the responsibility of the student.


All students are assigned a locker and a school lock to use for all three years at RMS. Lock must be returned by the end of grade 8. Lock cost in Grade 6 is $15.00 for the 3 years use. Replacement locks are $5.00 each.


Open everyday from 8:40 to 3:15 except on Friday. The library is available to students with a library pass during DSB on Wednesdays and after school until 3:15 – everyday except Friday.


By grade level, students eat in the cafeteria, and have activity time outside in the bussing area, or during inclement weather in the theater. Students are permitted to go to a teacher’s room with a teacher pass. RMS is a closed campus
so students are not permitted to leave at lunch time unless they are signed out in the office and picked up by their parent/guardian.

Student must have a student pass to go anywhere in the school during lunch/activity time. Grade 6: 11:26-11:50 am – Activity time then to lockers

11:50-12:13 pm – Lunch in cafeteria Blue Bulldog entrance – 3rd Door (S) Pirate entrance – Middle Door (M)

Grade 7: 11:26-11:50 am – Lunch in cafeteria (outdoor wear must be taken to cafeteria)

11:50-12:13 pm – Activity time Pink Panther entrance – Middle Door (M) Soaring Eagle entrance – 3rd Door (S)

Grade 8: 12:13-12:36 pm – Lunch in cafeteria Tigers – Over catwalk Pythons – Back hallway, down stairs and up office hallway

12:36 – 1:00 pm – Activity time Tiger entrance – 1st Door (R-cafeteria door) Python entrance – 3rd Door (S)


Communication to parents may be done in many forms:

1. Monthly Newsletter

2. School Website:

3. Email

4. Talk mail

6. Direct Teacher contact

Wednesday is the day used for anything to be sent home with students, with some exceptions.


A notice will be sent home notifying parents of parentteacher interviews in the fall and spring. Grade 6 & Specialty teachers (Art, Music, Tech and Phys Ed.) will be located in the cafeteria; Grade 7 & 8 teachers will be in
the gym. Due to wanting to accommodate everyone, interviews are limited to 10 minutes. Also, parents may meet with teachers any time of the year by calling and making an appointment.


Physical Education is a required subject for everyone at RMS. All students are required to be: on time, changed into proper gym attire, and take part in every class.

In the case of a valid medical reason a student cannot take part in Physical Education, a dated excuse will be accepted from the student only at the beginning of that class. A prolonged problem will require a doctor’s medical excuse.
If a student does not have gym clothes or a written excuse, he/she will lose class marks and have to make up the time.

The majority of the P.E. mark will be based on the student’s participation and effort in each class.


All students may:

 Get a snack from their locker

 Go to the washroom or water fountain if necessary

 All students must eat their snack and socialize in their homeroom only

All students must not:

 loiter in the washroom or in the hallways during recess


There will be 2 report cards issued (January and June).

There will be 2 progress reports issued prior to Parent Teacher interviews (Oct. & March depending on interview dates).

Report cards are not given out early but may be mailed with a stamped envelope provided by the parent/guardian.

STUDENT DROP OFF * 7:40 – 8:10 am

This was created in order to have a safe area for parents to drop off their child at school, allowing students to get out on the same side as the school, not having to cross the road, or walk in between vehicles. Also, it alleviates
having to stop in the middle of traffic, which is not only unsafe, but illegal.

The drop off is long to accommodate a lot of vehicles at one time. To ensure safety for all, parents are asked to adhere the following procedures:

1. Enter off Cleveland Ave.

2. Drive to the very end of the drop off area

3. Do not pass vehicles inside the drop off

4. Do not stay parked in the drop off 5. Only drop students off inside the drop off area


There are a variety of clubs, activities and team sports offered for our students.

Club/Activities may include:

Art, Drama, Band Breakfast Program, Bridge Homework Club, Chess Team Lead, Choir, Talent Show

RMS Teams may include:

Sept.-Oct. Cross-Country; Soccer

Oct.-Dec. Gymnastics; Volleyball

Dec.-Feb. Basketball; Wrestling; Curling

Feb.-Apr. Badminton

Apr.-June Track & Field; Softball

We encourage all students to get involved.


There is a payphone available to students if necessary, 25¢ is required. The office student phone is also available.


All visitors and volunteers are welcome! To ensure safety for all students, there is a district policy which requires visitors to report to the office to sign-in and receive a visitor badge. Please park in designated areas, and refrain
from blocking the bus loading zone or the student drop off area.

*Disability parking is available at the right side of the main entrance of the school, closest to the bus entrance door and one available in the theatre parking area closest to the door.